Case Study

Mental Health Response Workshop

In this case study, we will be demonstrating the learning outcomes and results achieved by integrating our Mental Health Response workshop into the workplace.


Dan Hunt is a former NRL player of the St George Illawarra Dragons with a super impressive sporting career spanning over nine years. Dan is also the founding director of Mental Health Movement; the company behind the Mental Health Workplace Blueprint.

Dan and his team deliver mental health initiatives across Australia, educating workforces on his evidence-based blueprint – the four stages to improve mental health outcomes: awareness, education, training and resources. They have worked with over 50 companies and 200,000 employees across Australia since they launched in 2016.


Even though Dan is trained as a mental health first aider, he enlisted Debbie’s help to run a Mental Health Response workshop for one of his clients.

Dan wanted a contemporary and cutting-edge course for his peer support training within his Mental Health Workplace blueprint program. There were two important factors that were critical to Dan and Mental Health Movement. Firstly, he wanted to ensure the delivery format aligned with his company’s presentation style and secondly, it needed to be a one-day course instead of two days


Debbie worked with Dan on the Mental Health Response workshop to ensure it could be seamlessly slotted into his blueprint program. The practical and engaging nature of the workshop and the fact it encourages open discussion around mental health was key to Dan’s mission of #startingtheconversation to break down the stigma around mental health.

As a result, Dan has been able to create a cost-effective and time-efficient workshop which allows businesses to train their staff in one day. This is an appealing solution for managers as less time and budget is spent on training. The shorter workshop also helps consolidate information and keeps people engaged and stimulated.


The workshop provided all the information and skills Dan’s company needed and it was a huge success with his client. The feedback was incredible.

Dan has been able to roll out the workshop to one of Australia’s largest mining companies and it will provide training for more than 500 supervisors over 13 sites across Australia. It’s also being rolled out to his other big clients.

Debbie’s expertise in mental health education and suicide prevention provided an additional dimension to the blueprint which aligned perfectly with Mental Health Movement’s mission of improving lives through conversation and education. Her credibility as a suicidologist, a clinician and someone who has lived, breathed and triaged mental health brings invaluable insight and skills to participants.

Testimonial from Dan Hunt                       

“Debbie possesses a very special ability in creating and providing a safe environment where individuals engage, open up, learn and grow. Debbie is one of the most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable individuals I have ever worked with in this space.  

We have incorporated Debbie’s Mental Health Response workshop training into stage 3 of our Mental Health Workplace blueprint. This training has assisted our clients tremendously and it’s creating and driving real change, something the mental health space needs.  

Debbie’s Mental Health Response workshop is revolutionary in providing knowledge and understanding on how to support an individual experiencing mental illness or suicidal behaviours. Debbie is the ultimate professional and the work she has done with Mental Health Movement has literally saved and changed lives. She is a leader and pioneer within the mental health space.”