How To Improve Employee Mental Health & Grow Your Business

How To Improve Employee Mental Health

And grow your business!

Mental health is the leading cause of absenteeism in the Australian workforce.

With depression, anxiety and suicide at an all-time high, it’s no wonder people are struggling to get through the working day and call in sick.

Raising awareness around mental health has never been more important. In order to understand mental health better, education and training in the workplace is key.

Adopting a mental health awareness policy is essential if you want your business to thrive and succeed.

Learn how you can lead from the front and promote good mental health in your company.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Investing in your employee’s mental health is not only a positive thing to do, it’s good for business. Here’s why:

  • Less absenteeism. This will save you money! Every time a staff member is off sick, it costs you.
  • Increased productivity. If employees have their mental health in check, they’ll be more focussed and able to do their jobs efficiently.
  • Improved wellbeing in the workplace. Your staff will be happier and feel listened to and supported. This creates a thriving workplace culture.
  • Less resignations. People will enjoy coming to work and want to stay.
  • Avoid workplace claims which only cost you more money.

How to Manage Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Don’t let your employees suffer in silence. They will feel isolated and alone, making their mental health issues worse.
  • Encourage “mental health days” and let staff know they won’t be ostracised if they take one.
  • Adopt a mental health awareness policy. This needs to be strategically planned and all staff should be aware of it.
  • Create a self-care program to encourage activities such as taking lunch breaks and doing exercise before or after work. Promote an accountability system whereby staff support each other and make self-care a priority.
  • Train managers on how to deal with mental health and have regular team meetings to discuss mental health within the company.
  • Have clear guidelines regarding what should be done in crisis situations or when an employee has a severe mental health issue.

Good Mental Health Is Good Business

When you invest in your employees’ mental health you are investing in your business. A positive, hands-on approach to mental health within the workplace is essential. You will increase productivity, improve staff engagement and enhance business performance.

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